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Clinical Pastoral Education

What is CPE?

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an interfaith professional training program in the skills and art of spiritual care. Using an action/reflection model of training, participants have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally in their effectiveness in providing spiritual care. Wes McIntyre (pictured at right) is the Director of Spiritual Formation and is a certified CPE Supervisor at The Chaplaincy.

Through intense involvement with people in need of spiritual care, and the feedback that the student receives from both teachers and peers, a new awareness is developed of skills necessary for interpersonal and inter-professional relationships.

The CPE program at The Chaplaincy offers participants a unique opportunity to provide spiritual care in a multiplicity of sites and to work as a team with our professional staff chaplains. Students paired up with on-site staff chaplain mentors have named this teamwork as an outstanding part of their learning experience.

The Chaplaincy offers three units of CPE a year. Two units are extended (part-time) units that run for 24 weeks each. These two units run January to June and July to December. The third unit is also an extended unit that runs from October through May and seeks to accommodate those who can't sustain the weekly commitment required in the other two units.

A typical week in one of the two 24 week extended units is divided between 5 hours of peer group seminar and 11 - 12 hours of clinical time at one of the various settings where staff chaplains work. The weekly time commitment in a 30 week unit of training is 4 hours of peer group seminar and about 8.5 hours of clinical time.

The peer group seminars include case review, theological reflection seminars, didactic presenters, reading discussions, group process, and use of various media for reflection and learning. Clinical time is spent providing spiritual care to patients, families and institutional staff in one of 7 different clinical placements. The clinical placements include hospitals, hospice, an outpatient cancer treatment center and detention facilities for youth and adults. On-call experiences (about once every two weeks) find students working in sites other than their primary clinical placement. Having one’s own transportation is essential though no facility is more than 20 minutes away from another.

Our Center has been a nationally accredited Clinical Pastoral Education training center for over 30 years. Chaplains trained here have been successful in getting their professional certification and work in health care systems throughout the Northwest.

Further information on ACPE can be found at http://acpe.edu/


Chaplain Wes McIntyre
Director of Spiritual formation
CPE Supervisor

1480 Fowler, Richland, WA 99352
Telephone (509) 783-7416 Fax (509) 735-7850